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Passionate Team



A Colorful Journey in Creativity

Bringing imagination to life as unique rugs is an
exhilarating journey. What drives us is the joy of crafting unique and fun rugs
that others can use and appreciate.

At Miqna Studio, we believe that our rugs, craftedwith a story and by the hands of our skilled artisans, will bring spirit andjoy to the homes they grace.
One of our ethical values is to ensure that thethreads we use during the sewing process are not harmful to human health

About Our Production

In our Istanbul-based studio, every rug is meticulously handcrafted.
From design to molding, cutting, and sewing, each step is carried out with
care. Upholding our ethical commitment, we prioritize using threads that pose
no threat to human health. Amid the sea of today's mass-produced items, Miqna
Studio rugs stand apart—crafted with a unique narrative and the skilled touch
of our artisans, destined to infuse homes with spirit and joy.